Natalia L. Rudychev's book Simple Gifts 

"Simple Gifts, the title of Natalia’s first haiku selection, comes directly from Joseph Brackett’s song, a hymn to be danced, written in 1848 for his Shaker community. It became widely known after Aaron Copland incorporated its melody into the ballet music for Martha Graham. Graham, the mother of modern dance,named it Appalachian Spring before staging it in October 1944 at the Library of Congress, choreographing it and dancing the lead role. Natalia says Brackett’s song embodies all of her artistic endeavors, in dance, photography, and poetry. "

Hiroaki Sato

"Natalia Rudychev’s first collection of haiku is soft, romantic, evocative and telling. It tends toward “psychological senryu” with a strong thematic emphasis on relationship. Also evident are the author’s many practices, including her photographs serving as section dividers. A strong first statement."

 Jim Kacian

snow bent branches
slides to the ground

                                            Museum of Haiku Literature Award

tears of joy
raindrops run up the window
of home bound plane
                                              Kusamakura Taisho

letting go
the heart
of a sparrow
                                              The First Prize in Robert Speiss Contest

silence between us...
cherry petals
in flight
                                                Sakura Award

the heart
drawn in snow
still falling
                                                  The First Prize in San Francisco International Contest

long drive
silence between us
passes from shade to light
                                                      Mayfly Cover Award